Cookie is here to get you speaking, reading and writing Japanese as soon as possible. Through The Cookie Method, a simple and engaging 4 part program built to be effective, you’ll be using Japanese by the time you finish part 2. Part 1 gets you all the basic sounds and symbols of the language, and builds an unshakable foundation for communicating many other programs won’t give you. Part 2 takes that foundation, and helps you say what you wanna say with plug and play scripts plus all the essential grammar you’ll need to say it properly and say it right away. Part 3 both builds on that essential grammar, and introduces more of what you need to make your thoughts that much richer, deeper and more layered, expressing things you never thought you could, and painting a picture you’ll be proud to give them through your words. Finally, Part 4 teaches not only what makes words in the language tick, but also how to make educated guesses about words and make up your own words on the fly, so you can truly make the language you learn yours, and yours, alone-and, perhaps, share those carefully crafted words with another. On top of all that, you’ll get access to the Cookie Log, the company journal featuring content diving deep into the cultural bits of Japan, with insight and flair only the staff here can provide. As a matter of fact, for at least the first few days after it goes up, you won’t find it anywhere else.

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