Elisabeth Bik (Harbers-Bik LLC), Science Integrity Detective

Elisabeth Bik (Harbers-Bik LLC) is a Science Integrity Detective. They got their PhD in Microbiology in the Netherlands, and previously worked as a staff scientist at Stanford University and in industry. In May 2014, they founded Microbiome Digest, an almost daily compilation of scientific papers in the rapidly growing microbiome field. They can often be found discussing science papers on Twitter at @MicrobiomDigest or their blog Science Integrity Digest, where they might be discussing inappropriately duplicated or manipulated photographic images and plagiarized text, and other cases of science misconduct in biomedical publications. They have published three peer-reviewed papers on research misconduct: mBio, 2016: The Prevalence of Inappropriate Image Duplication in Biomedical Research Publications MCB, 2018: Analysis and Correction of Inappropriate Image Duplication: the Molecular and Cellular Biology Experience SEE, 2018: Testing Hypotheses on Risk Factors for Scientific Misconduct via Matched-Control Analysis of Papers Containing Problematic Image Duplications Their work has also been featured in major science and news outlets: Nature, 2016: Problematic images found in 4% of biomedical papers Retraction Watch, 2016: One in 25 papers contains inappropriately duplicated images, screen finds Le Monde, 2017: Dans les labos, des petits arrangements avec la science New York Times, 2017: Years of Ethics Charges, but Star Cancer Researcher Gets a Pass Washington Post, 2018: More science than you think is retracted, even more should be Science, 2018: The data thugs The Scientist, 2019: Eye for Manipulation: A Profile of Elisabeth Bik Elisabeth will take a year off to focus on research misconduct. You can support them here on Patreon.

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