fastASMR header image, an illustration of a puppy asleep in a hammock on a tropical beach at night

fastASMR makes popular ASMR (aka АСМР, 音フェチ) videos to help you relax or battle insomnia, sleeping problems, anxiety and other ailments. “…trying to make the world a more peaceful place one video at a time and providing everyone with  relaxation.” She has a seriously positive and accepting vibe, embracing everyone from all walks of life. Her handle, fastASMR, has its origin story in the fact that she used to somewhat specialize in very fast tapping—and by fast, we mean impressively fast. Since those beginnings, though, she’s evolved in to a bit of a master of materials experimenting with a seemingly endless and often surprising array of props from which to elicit sounds to trigger your tingles. She typically whispers, which also is delightful for ASMR audiences. fastASMR posted her first ASMR video on YouTube in March of 2015. So she has a giant library of video content to enjoy.

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