Historias del Llano

Historias del Llano

Historias del Llano is a podcast that has been going for more than two years. They produce stories about football that show that sport is a school of life. Yes, the joke is that in 20 minutes while you’re bathing, having breakfast or travelling by bus rushing to work, you hear a different program that makes you laugh and alleviates your week. They love to get together to talk about football, hear different anecdotes with special guests who get out of the usual answers of traditional interviews and teach us how the game has helped them to be who they are today. Their journey has heard everything: proposed marriage after the dare, doctors who see football ends in mid-operation, rock stars who become sports journalists even people who teach football in marginalized communities because they believe passion can leave a mark. That’s what they do the program for, not just because of the people who listen to them and follow them for months from Chicago nieces who have their team, to Mexicans in the United States, Europe and South America. From now, you’ll be able to see Paola, Ricardo, Gustavo and Diego also, on Youtube, every Monday at 6 pm.

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