HR Mom

HR Mom

HR Mom is Melissa Griffin, a single mother to two boys, (15 and 11), and a six-year-old daughter. They are a part of the HR Mom Parenting Focus Group, which is a private, judgment-free zone where they share the ups and downs of counter-cultural parenting. Other parents in the group interact with Melissa and can offer practical tips and exercises. It’s a chance for parents to “upskill” their kids for success in the workplace, and Melissa is determined to foster independence in their kids without pressuring or overburdening them. She aims to limit/their kids’ technology while also respecting their privacy. Melissa has worked in Human Resources for 17 years, mostly in recruiting and hiring for several large, well-known companies. As the skills and capabilities of young workers have declined over the years, she has had a front row view of how different parenting styles impact kids success.

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