Imp Makes Art

Illustration of one man hugging another, as they both slump onto their sides on a sofa by Imp Makes Art

Imp Makes Art is Mack Robles (aka Imp), a trans and queer illustrator, author and fan of the strange, from Tijuana, Mexico. He graduated as an Engineer in Digital Graphic Design but doesn’t do any graphic design at all… instead, he opted for the study of books and digital art with a primarily queer focus. He is currently working towards a second degree in Library Science. Mack’s art serves a concrete purpose for him: to deceive the spirit—always mimetic—into being something else. Instead of allowing the art to be a reflection of the pain carried within, it turns into a projection of hopes, wishes, dreams, tricking the shadows within into transformation. In his words: “fake it ’til you make it, but through art.”

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