Julio César Fernández

Julio César Fernández

Julio César Fernández is a developer evangelist in Apple technologies, podcaster and conference speaker. Author of the book “Learning Swift”, editor at Applefera, responsible for the website applecoding.com and academic director of Apple Coding Academy. He is responsible for the podcast Apple Coding, a podcast that started five years ago with the idea to launch the world’s ideas and thoughts as an analyst in technology and development (also taking advantage of his training as a sound engineer and announcer) and he was immensely satisfied to see that it covered a key hole from the sector of podcasts. Currently there are two podcasts from Apple Coding: Apple Coding Daily in a shorter and shorter format and Apple Coding, with a longer format where we speak and analyze the infinite aspects of the world of technology and development in Apple environments. They both belong to the Independent community of podcasts Cuondabytes.

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