Kaitlin Byrd – GothamGirlBlue

GothamGirlBlue - Kaitlin Byrd

Kaitlin Byrd, who goes by GothamGirlBlue on the socials, is a writer and political activist based in her hometown of Brooklyn. She describes her writing like this: “My writing focuses on the outcomes of policy, not merely who ‘wins’ or ‘loses’ with its passage. I talk about good faith, bad faith and who has earned the former or uses the latter. I’m not interested in the illusion of ‘unbiased’ opinion, but transparency in where my biases lead me, and what I can see that others can’t or won’t.” She’s written for the Huffington PostNBC ThinkDame MagazineBustleBetches, and the Boston Globe, and every week, she’s on the Betches Sup podcast. Her take is unique from just about anyone you may follow or read, speaking from the intersections where she lives — race, gender, economics, culture, and politics. Her patrons on Patreon get access to exclusive content and a load of engagement opportunities with Kaitlin.

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