Lori Snyder

Lori Snyder

Lori Snyder is creating the Writers Happiness Movement. They grew out of wanting to live in a world where happiness, kindness, and the arts matter more than money. It is based on the belief that we, as writers and humans, as individuals and as community, have the complete power to create this world in a way that is inclusive, accessible, and sustainable, and that supports every single one of us in being who we are and writing what we write. The goal of the movement is to create more happiness for every writer while making the world a better place for all writers, with a long-term vision of creating large-scale programs such as grants, residencies, and retirement homes for writers all funded by an alternative economic structure rooted in kindness and inclusion. Everything they offer is here to help you access more joy, more writing time, and more spaciousness for and around your writing and life. This is meant to be both a revolution and a refuge. There’s nothing you have to do here other than be who you are and write what you write. Whether you’ve been writing for decades, are just starting to think you might like to write, or are somewhere in between, the Writers Happiness Movement is here to remind you how important what you do actually is.

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