Mueller, She Wrote & The Daily Beans

Logo for the Daily Beans and Mueller She Wrote podcasts, featuring the silhouette of a '40's-era woman looking through a magnifying glass towards the ground.

Mueller, She Wrote & The Daily Beans are podcasts produced by “what we consider to be the most effective triumvirate of educated lady comics working in the Mueller business today” because they felt it was important to have a female point of view as a legitimate, though often snarky source of news. Mueller, She Wrote started in late 2017 as a team of three women unraveling the mysteries of the Trump-Russia investigation. They’ve released a new episode every week since then. The Daily Beans, a progressive daily news show that is published every weekday morning for the general public (but is posted the night before and ad-free for their Patrons as a special perk), started in 2019. They also produced Quarantine Confessions, a 12 week special podcast wherein listeners submitted confessions of what they’ve been doing in the time of COVID. It’s, “Daily News! With Swearing! Yay.”

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