Nevs Coleman

Nevs Coleman

Nevs Coleman is Nevs. You may recognise them from time served behind the counter of 30th Century Comics, Mighty World Of Comicana, Comics Showcase, Humanoids and other such related stores and publishers. Or maybe read their writing for Comics International, Tripwire, Comics Forum, or their own ongoing online haphazard documentation of the stranger bits of Comics History, Mondo Funny Books. Possibly, you’ve seen them as Glitter Wolf, chatting about wrestling on The Fandom Iconic Channel. It’s a good laugh, but it has taken it’s toll. They have a damaged C7 in their neck which means occasionally they have to stop all physical activity for a few days. Obviously this precludes any kind of regular job. They keep themselves going with some admin work at home and their main thing at the moment is carrying on with their own show and blog, which requires various materials. They can’t offer much in way of return except a thank you in future videos and the assurance that donations will be used for chiropractic therapy first and comics for history second.

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