Illustration by RayleeArts of a young woman, in profile, wearing a Roman soldier-style helmet, with the visor up and garland of flowers where the helmet's crest would usually be.

RayleeArts is Rachel Eaton, illustrator, designer and author of the popular webcomic Realta which can be read on Webtoon and has more than 500K readers. She is thoroughly obsessed with fantasy and creating anything makes the world feel a little more magical. Realta is a story about when the world was new, and twelve spirits of the stars descended to bless humanity with magic according to their astrological sign. The first of these people, called the “Realta,” were especially powerful. They were the only ones who could communicate with the spirits and were always reincarnated into the same sign. But one day, the spirits attacked the world. Now, magic is illegal, dark omens run rampant, and the Realta have been forgotten…until a certain Virgo meets a certain Capricorn.

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