Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock is a prolific English singer-songwriter and guitarist. A man of many talents, he also plays harmonica, piano, and bass guitar. Since the 1970’s he’s led bands like the Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, and The Venus 3. In the 1980’s Hitchcock also launched a solo career that continues to this day. His musical and lyrical styles have been compared to Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Captain Beefheart, Lou Reed, and Bryan Ferry. Hitchcock has appeared in a number of films, including collaborations with the late Jonathan Demme on 1998’s concert documentary Storefront Hitchcock as well as roles in 2004’s The Manchurian Candidate and 2008’s Rachel Getting Married. He continues to tour and enjoys a bit of a ‘cult’ following.

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