Squid’s School of Vintage Knitting

Squid's School of Vintage Knitting

Squid’s School of Vintage Knitting is open to knitters and non-knitters. The aim of the School is to provide vintage knitting patterns and education in a whole new way. At the start of each month, there will be a vintage knitting pattern release only available through Patreon. Patterns can range from accessories such as hats, scarves and mittens, to full garments or even suits! There will be a strong emphasis on garments patterns & working together to better understand vintage garment construction and fit. Styles you will see in the forthcoming months can range from anywhere between the mid-1800s all the way to 1960. This period of time is deliberately chosen to cover the shift from utilitarian knitting to fashionable / hobby knitting, and all the transitions knitwear took in between. Topics such as this will be covered in the monthly historical lecture series. Each month, the headmistress Sydney will cover a different facet of knitting history, so bring along your current WIP and a pen & paper! The human who curates and produces the patterns is dedicated to making vintage knitting more accessible for all.

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