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suzanne leonard

suzanne leonard ~ luminous life is Suzanne’s happy place. It’s also Suzanne’s soul’s work. What started out as a strong (but vague) desire to make a difference in the world, has evolved (often painfully slowly and somewhat awkwardly) into an understanding that this is absolutely not about Suzanne or what Suzanne can bring to the world whilst on Suzanne’s journey. This is about all of us. It’s about us living from the depths of our souls, in a way that supports, enables and creates profound positive change, not just for our individual selves (although that is important), not just for our families and communities (also important), and not even for society as a whole (although Suzanne does believe that this is a major part of the work that needs to be done), but for the entire living ecosystem that surrounds us. Suzanne would love to share the tools, ideas and understandings that Suzanne processes and creates with you. And, Suzanne has an incredible, persistent, itching from the soul to support you in living true to your souls song.

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