Illustration by Yuumei, of a young artist seated on the floor of her studio, surrounded by her paintings and paint buckets labeled things like "Hope," "Doubt," "Fear," "Pain," etc.

Yuumei is a professional illustrator, designer, and published graphic novelist. She’s known for webcomics such as Fisheye Placebo, Knite, and 1000 Words. She’s also the original designer of the Axent Wear Cat Ear headphones that’s sold in stores. She’s been sharing her art and comics online for free all her life. She loves visual storytelling to convey the more intricate and complicated conflicts in our world. She also shares tutorials and process videos on her website and YouTube channel. In recent years, repetitive strain injury in her wrist slowed her down. Her patrons help her to continue her work by hiring 3D modelers to help and to allow her to work at a pace that accommodates her injury.

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