Zartnir Educational NGO

Zartnir Educational NGO

Zartnir Educational NGO is creating equal opportunities for school students of Armenia and Artsakh to access the education of the 21st century. There are three main messages that they would like to emphasize: 1. Zartnir’s results are beyond expectations: 83% of students mentioned that Zartnir has positively influenced their academic progress 69% of teachers reported that thanks to Zartnir students have developed their basic skills. 2. Zartnir impacts on students’ families and people around: In the schools, there were 0-5% of those who read out-of-school books while after Zartnir started in the schools the number has increased to 70-80%. Even those who did not visit Zartnir classes started to read. Moreover, parents of students started to read the same books and even the saleswoman in the kiosk near the school. 3. Zartnir maximizes the return on investment as Zartnir covers all stages of reading’s influence and impacts not only students but on the educational system as well. Every dollar invested in the program has a maximized impact on the education development of Armenia and Artsakh.

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